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Your idea, professionally designed and printed on boutique-quality garments.

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From cut-and-sew to printing and finishing, every piece made to order.

how it works

how it works

Tell our designers what you want.

Use the form below to describe your idea (or upload artwork) and our designers will create mock-ups for your review.

Choose garments and sizes.



Once you've approved your design, you can print it across multipe garment colors and sizes.

Receive your order in
1-3 weeks.

Standard production and delivery time is 3 weeks. If you need it faster, we can deliver as quickly as one week with a small rush fee.


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Examples of work we've done.

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about us

About Us

Goodkraft garments are made in our 80-person factory in beautiful Antigua, Guatemala. 

Goodkraft team members are among the highest paid garment workers in Central America. Our minimum salary is pegged at 150% of the living wage index*. This means our factory’s lowest paid employee (factory cleaning person, entry-level) makes 1.5 times the living wage in Guatemala. Our highest paid factory employee (production line manager) makes over 300% of the living wage.

In addition, the company provides various incentive-based bonuses throughout the year. Employees receive benefits such as 12-week maternity leave, free in-home medical consultation for all family members, free transportation to and from work, a zero-interest personal loan program, and training and certification programs paid for by Goodkraft.

All of the custom-made fabrics used in Goodkraft products are sourced with US-grown cotton or poly-blend fabric. We use a sustainable model for sourcing local fabrics by purchasing production overages from large factories. 

Goodkraft is a licensed exporter certified through an environmental study and factory safety audit. The company has voluntarily implemented 100% biodegradable packaging for all products.

*Living wage defined by Goodkraft uses the highest living wage salary amount (Wageindicator provides a range) for a family of 4 with two adults working.

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