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About Us

Goodkraft garments are made in our 60-person factory in beautiful Antigua, Guatemala. 

Goodkraft employees are among the highest paid garment workers in Central America. The lowest paid, entry-level employee earns 94% above the fair wage minimum, while production team leads earn over 3x the fair wage.

The company also provides various incentive-based bonuses throughout the year as well as benefits such as 12 week maternity leave, free in-home medical consultation for all family members, free transportation to and from work, a zero-interest personal loan program, and training and certification programs paid for by Goodkraft.

When compared globally, a Goodkraft production team member earns approximately 200% more than their counterparts in China and 600% more than Bangladesh.*

All of the custom-made fabrics used in Goodkraft products are sourced with US-grown cotton or poly-blend fabric. We use a sustainable model for sourcing local fabrics by purchasing production overages from large factories. Without this secondary market these fabrics would otherwise end up in landfill.

Goodkraft is a licensed exporter certified by the Guatemalan government through an environmental study and factory safety audit. The company has voluntarily implemented 100% biodegradable packaging for all products.

Goodkraft partners with the non-profit/social impact organization MAIA Impact School by providing financial support, product donations, and employment opportunities for program graduates. Learn more about MAIA here.

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